Apple To Implement E-Ink Keyboards In 2018 MacBooks

This week it was reported that Apple was in talks to acquire Sonder, an Australian startup the specializes in making keyboards with E-Ink displays. Today is seems that Apple is teaming up with Sonder to brink E-Ink technology to its MacBook lineup in 2018.


According to inside sources Apple will implement Sonder’s E-Ink technology in its MacBook’s by 2018. It is pretty cool to think about having an E-Ink keyboard with endless possibilities. Sonder is backed by Foxconn, who also has close ties with Apple.

Even though Apple does not plan to implement E-Ink displays in its MacBook’s for a couple of years, Apple will be the first to do so it seems. This could mean the most significant change in user interface we’ve seen in a very long time. According to The Wall Street Journal, Apple CEO Tim Cook went over plans with both Sonder and Foxconn at a meeting in China held on October 11th.

Check out the video below to see Sonder’s technology in action.

E-Ink keyboards are already available, but are quite expensive right now. According to the source the E-Ink keyboard would be a “standard” feature on Apple’s MacBooks. I guess time will tell.

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