Nintendo Reveals The Switch Game Console

Nintendo has finally broken the silence about their long rumored new gaming platform. Revealed today via a YouTube video was the Nintendo Switch. It is a tablet-based gaming platform with detachable controllers that you can dock at home and play games on your TV as well. If you want to buy the Switch you could Sell PlayStation 4 Games to free up some extra cash.

Nintendo Switch

The video (below) shows the tablet-based gaming device in action in many different settings. You can play at home, attach the controllers and play on the go, take it with you on the plane, play with a group of friends, and they even show an eSports setting. Who knows if the Switch will ever be used for professional eSports, but check out the video below!

The three-minute video showed off the a new Super Mario game, as well as a few other titles including some type of eSports game. It appears that the Switch will use cartridges like the Nintendo DS. The modular controllers seem to be able to be used as a single controller or as two separate controllers for co-op and multiplayer action.

The Switch is powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra processor, which is no surprise as it powers NVIDIA’s own SHIELD gaming tablet. This is a really big win for NVIDIA as their SHIELD tablet never really took off.

Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo this is an interesting console as it is not a high-powered console like the Xbox One or PlayStation 4, but it is also not a mobile phone. It sort of is in-between. Is there a need for an in-between device like that? I guess time will tell.

The Nintendo Switch will be available in March of 2017.

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