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Gaming Friday: Pittco Iron Storm XIII Lan Party

This past weekend we had the pleasure of attending <a href="">Pittco’s Iron Storm XIII Lan Party</a>!  This 42 hour event hosted about 150 gamers and started April 20 and concluded on April 22nd.  They had official tournaments for Counter-Strike: Source, League of Legends, Starcraft II, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Halo Reach and many more.  Besides just the tournaments there was quite a lot of gaming going on as well as other fun.  Read on to see what the event was all about!


Gaming Friday: Live from FITES LANFest 2012!

That's right Gaming Friday is back! Not only do we have quite a few games to tell you guys about we also will be attending quite a few gaming events this year! Today we are attending our first, <a href="" target="_blank">FITES LANFest 2012</a>! This 200 person LAN party is held in Mechanicsburg, PA. It is currently the largest LAN party in Pennsylvania and the 3rd largest in the North East. Read on to see what this LAN party is all about and keep checking back throughout the weekend for updates!


Attending FITES LANFest 2012!

This upcoming weekend (February 24-25) ThinkComputers will be attending FITES LANFest 2012 in Mechanicsburg, PA! FITES is a 200 person LAN party and we are really excited to check it out. We will not only be covering the event, but also we will have a booth there with some of our systems showcased. If you have never heard of FITES before here is a little bit of information about them...


MillionManLan 10

I attended Lanwar's <a href="" target="new">MillionManLAN LAN party in Louisville, Kentucky</a> last month. The four day event started August 4 and ended August 7. More than 300 gamers attended, bringing their own PCs and gaming consoles. They competed in several tournaments on many platforms, with the winner or winning team taking home a prize from the several hundred dollar prize pool.


Gaming Friday: Live from TheGXL!

We here at ThinkComputers are very avid gamers. So each Friday we will be covering a game that should help you get through the weekend. The games will range from new games to classics that we still love to play. They also are not limited to just PC games either. If you have a game you think we should cover check out the <a href="">Gaming Friday thread</a> in the forums. This week is a little bit different, we are actually at a gaming event! We are at the TooManyGames 2011 Expo, which has teamed with <a href="">TheGXL</a> to have a 17,000 square foot BYOPC LAN room! We are live from the LAN room, gaming, talking to gamers and checking out some sweet PC's! Read on to check out this awesome event! This post will be live updated throughout the event which goes from today May 6th - Sunday May 8th.

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