Wednesday, July 18, 2018

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Speck Fitted iPad Case Review

The iPad has been out for quite a while and now with the release of the iPad 2 we are going to see even more cases and other accessories come out. Speck is one of the few companies that makes high quality iPad related products and accessories. We have reviewed their iPhone products and now we are pleased to review some of their iPad products.  Today we will be taking a look at their Fitted iPad case, which is one of their most popular models, let’s take a look...

Mobile ProductsReviews

Speck Fitted iPhone Case Review

There are sure a lot of choices when it comes to iPhone cases and believe me there are a lot of garbage cases out there, just go to your local mall to one of those stands and you will see what I mean. During CES this year I was introduced to Speck, a company who makes stylish cases and bags for many portable devices and laptops. The one case that really caught my eye at the show was the Fitted iPhone Case. Speck was nice enough to send one along for review, so let’s see if this Fitted case is a good mix of style and protection for your iPhone.

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