Saturday, July 21, 2018

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DeepCool Genome II
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DeepCool Intros Genome II Liquid-Cooled Chassis

DeepCool has just announced a brand new entry into their Gamer Storm line, the Genome II Liquid Cooled Chassis. This of course is the follow up to the original Genome liquid-cooled case that featured the "double helix" liquid cooling ornament in the front panel of the case.


DeepCool Gamer Storm CPU Cooler Review

Today we get the chance to check out a new product from a new company. The company is DeepCool and the product is the Gamer Storm CPU Cooler. As you can probably expect from the name, DeepCool offers a wide variety of cooling products, with a main focus on CPU coolers. The Gamer Storm is their most expensive CPU cooler, features an elegant packaging and product along with plenty of features. How well will this cooler perform with others we’ve tested? Read on further to find out.

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