Deepcool Captain Series AiO Coolers Get Refreshed

The Captain Series is Deepcool’s top tier AiO coolers and they generally have pretty good performance combines with a unique steam punk design aesthetic. Here are ThinkComputers we have reviewed both the 120nn and 240mm versions. While they were generally pretty good units, there were small things that we felt could be improved.

Proving that they are in fact listening to the community of users, Deepcool is releasing two new versions of both the 240mm and 120mm.


The white and black unit is essentially just a color update to the current model. Deepcool felt there was a desire for a storm trooper model that would look good in a white themed build. The other unit, the red and black one, is where we find the physical updates to the cooler’s design. You will find that the tubing has been changed out for sleeved rubber tubing. The pump bracket has also been changed for a sturdier easier to install design and finally the fans have been upgraded to a dual blade design that provides greater static pressure. These new units should be available soon. The upgraded red version is going to be price matched to the current units, while the white AiOs will be $10 more.

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