Griffin PowerMate Gets USB-C And New Colors

Griffin launched PowerMate in 2001, and it has been a solid product for 15 years. At CES 2016, Griffin is launching a USB-C version and color variations for PowerMate Bluetooth.

PowerMate is a simple device, but it can do really complicated things depending on how it’s configured. PowerMate has 3 different input options, scroll left, scroll right, and click. You can map any of these inputs to any keystroke. Which means if you are listening to music, PowerMate can be used to skip tracks, change volume, or play/pause. Or if you are editing video in Premiere, PowerMate can be mapped to scrubbing forward and backward, zoom in/out on timeline, or any other common keyboard shortcut you use.


PowerMate Bluetooth was launched last year in silver, but this year it is now available in black, gold, and gray. Last year’s silver model featured a blue glowing base, but this year black received a red glowing base, gold has white, and gray kept blue. PowerMate Bluetooth in its color variations has Bluetooth 4.0 and will be available in March 2016 for $59.99.


PowerMate is also going to be available in a silver USB-C version with a blue glowing base. Look for it in Q2 2016 for $49.99.