Hands On With EVGA’s First Gaming Laptop, The SC 17

We know EVGA for making motherboards, power supplies, and graphics cards. Well they have combined all three of those into their first ever gaming laptop, the SC 17. As you can guess by the name it is a 17-inch gaming laptop and it is unlike any other laptop on the market currently!

The SC 17 has a nice clean look to it. It features a 17.3-inch 4k display, Intel Core i7 6820K unlocked CPU, NVIDIA GTX980M graphics, 16GB of GSKILL 2666 MHz memory, up to 256GB of M.2 storage and 2TB of HDD storage for games. The laptop itself is made of a single piece of aluminum allow so it has a nice unibody design.


EVGA has gone with a nice backlit keyboard, which is a must for gamers. The laptop features multiple USB 3.0 ports and a USB 3.1 type-C port. As far as display outputs you have HDMI 1.4, and dual mini DisplayPort. There is also a dedicated Ethernet port. EVGA has custom-designed the power adapter, so it is unlike other power adapters you see with gaming laptops.


EVGA’s background with motherboards can be seen in this laptop. It actually features a full UEFI BIOS! This means you can really fine-tune your system. Easy setup overclocking, set your memory timings and more! This gives you so much more flexibility than any other laptop out there! There is even a BIOS reset button located right above the power button so if you happen so mess something up you can set it back to factory defaults.


EVGA has also done some things that you don’t see with other laptops. First the lid of the SC 17 can be opened with a single finger. The back-lit EVGA logo on the unit is not back-lit from the display, but is actually its own LED lighting. Now we don’t have any official word on pricing, but the SC 17 will be available in February!

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