Patriot Brings 4th Generation 2.5″ Enclosure to CES

Many of us have small form drives that we would like to access outside of our desktops or laptops. Or perhaps you have a particular SSD that you really like that you would like to use as an external drive. These situations are typical of when you could really use an external drive enclosure in particular the Gauntlet 4.

The Gauntlet series 2.5″ drive enclosure has been pretty successful for Patriot. Building on that success they have updated the late Gauntlet 3 to true USB 3.1. This gives you the amazing performance potential that that interface offers. Included with the drive you have both a USB 3 connector as well as a USB C connector.



Look for the Gauntlet 4 at the end of Q1 for a to be determined price.

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