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Havit HV-TPC68 USB C Hub

Havit HV-TPC68 USB C Hub Review

USB Type-C is something we are seeing a lot more, not just on motherboards, but on laptops as well. The Type-C connection not only is smaller, but is also the same connection use for Thunderbolt 3. With many new laptops opting for USB Type-C and having Thunderbolt 3 there is a lot of bandwidth there that really is not used, especially when it comes to Ultrabooks. The common thing now with Ultrabooks is to have two Type-C ports and possibly one other normal Type-A port. That is really limiting if you want to connect more than one device. Also one thing that seems to be missing from most new Ultrabooks is a card reader. So that is where the new USB Type-C hubs come in and today we are checking out the Havit HV-TCP68, which gives you three USB 3.0 Type-A ports, a card reader, HDMI, and a Type-C port which can be used for charging. Let's see if it is the perfect accessory for your Ultrabook.

Warcraft Doomhammer Charging Cord
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Warcraft Doomhammer Charging Cord Review

If you are reading this you more than likely have heard of Warcraft. Maybe you played one of the original Warcraft games, got hooked on World of Warcraft like I did, or just went out to see the Warcraft movie. Warcraft has a massive following and even if you haven't played the games the Warcraft story and characters are quite cool. With the movie just being released Swordfish has created a line of collectible electronics. Today we will be checking out their Doomhammer Charging Cord.

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Hands On With Samsung’s T3 Portable SSD

Portable storage has taken many faces throughout history from 5.25" floppies to portable hard drives. Although if these storage mediums are dropped or exposed to extreme temperatures, critical data that's stored on them can easily be lost. Samsung's T3 is their latest portable SSD which is faster than a portable hard drive and is better at protecting data.

Patriot USB Type-C Flash Drive
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Patriot Announces Type-C USB Flash Drive

Patriot has just announced the development of a Type-C USB flash drive for the new Macbook, Google Chromebook Pixel and other Type-C equipped notebook and systems. It seems we will start seeing many Type-C devices come out this summer as USB Type-C connections start showing up on more devices.

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