USB4 will support DP 2.0 via DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0

The Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA for short) made an announcement for its upcoming USB4 standard. It also highlighted the inclusion of  DisplayPort 2.0 via DP Alternate Mode 2.0. The first DP Alt Mode allows its users to use USB Type-C specification for monitors. The 2.0 spec via USB4 and updated USB Type-C includes DisplayPort 2.0’s increased resolution, refresh rates, colour advanced HDR. This implementation benefits both PC and portable device users.

Data Throughput support

DisplayPort Alt Mode 4.0 can transmit up to 80 Gbps of data or 40Gbps when used with SuperSpeed data delivery mode. Thunderbolt 3 provides 40 Gbps throughput, USB 3.2 Gen 2×2 provides up to 20 Gbps data throughput.HDMI 2.0 has maximum bandwidth support of 48 Gbps. Theoretically, USB 4 specs might be able to provide higher-than-4K display video throughput. The technology also would benefit AR/ VR headsets, especially for gaming.

Syed Athar Hussain, the VESA board vice-chairman, said in a statement:

USB Type-C is becoming the connector of choice in notebooks and mobile solutions. With the new DisplayPort Alt Mode 2.0 specification, USB Type-C now delivers compelling single-connector solutions for docking, gaming, AR/VR HMDs and professional HDR displays that combine 80 Gbps of video bandwidth and other important features of DisplayPort 2.0 with the transport of USB data and power delivery.


The DisplayPort 2.0 spec is expected to arrive by 2021. The DP 2.0 is doing what Thunderbolt 3 as it uses up to 80 Gbps total bandwidth. Unlike the openness of USB and DisplayPort Thunderbolt specification is a proprietary technology owned by intel. Therefore, its devices and cables carry a certain premium and lack of industry-wide adoption. With the widely accepted USB and DisplayPort specification implementing similar technology using different means benefits the industry and its users.

The final specifications will be published by the USB Implementers Forums (USB-IF).

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