NVIDIA RTX 20 clearance deals making way for the RTX 30-Series Ampere GPUs

The next generation RTX 30-series graphic cards are going to use Ampere architecture. The GeForce RTX 3080 Ti is likely to debut as a flagship based on information in hand. This will succeed RTX Turing lineup of cards. Usually, the clearance of the older generation of cards is a sign of newer and better things to come. This isn’t very different. China Times (now removed) observed manufacturing accelerating Ampere graphics cards production- both Founders Edition and its respective non-reference variant. Also, there are some good deals on the current-generation GeForce RTX 20 series people can keep an eye on.

Clearance Sales by top tier AIC partners

Asus is apparently having its inventory management make massive clearance of older stocks, followed by Gigabyte/AORUS and MSI following suit. While these are mostly high-end clearance, keeping the mid-end RTX and even the GTX 16 series unaffected for now.

Its unsure how many countries will be able to have clearance sales. COVID-19 prohibits brick-and-mortar shops and online shopping. It’s not sure when did Nvidia even stop the production of Turing cores.

A promising year for RTX?

It will be promising to see RTX 30 series performance on the second generation DirectX Ray Tracing graphics card. Games like Quake II RTX was overhauled to show RTX performance. But we have Minecraft RTX BETA and even Crysis Remastered edition which will have DXR and several optimizations. While Nvidia emphasizes on 4K Gaming support, most people want the best performance at either 1080p or 1440p with a higher refresh rate. Unlike the first generation RTX launch, we have some RTX games now- while some existing titles are remastered with RTX support and newer titles to come with its support.

There’s also the announcement of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed game, as well. There’s a very good chance of this being an RTX exclusive as Ubisoft worked with Nvidia closer. Its Assassin’s Creed titles are also released for GeForce Now program.


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