Minecraft with RTX BETA ‘ON’ from April 16th

From the April of 16th 1 PM ET, PC gamers will Nvidia RTX graphics card will be able to play Minecraft with RTX enabled on Windows 10. This is a public BETA that’s available via the Xbox Insider Program. The Ray-Tracing update brings a massive overhaul to the game’s visuals for new Minecraft fans and veterans.

Last October, Nvidia and Microsoft announced this ambitious plan using a Ray-Tracing method called Path tracing. TThis in-game rendering enables RTX graphics- reflections, global illumination, water reflections, accurately casted shadows and rich physical materials. At the time of the announcement, they mentioned in the press release:

Path tracing simulates the way light is transported throughout a scene. It presents a unified model for lighting calculations for many different types of effects that have traditionally been implemented separately using rasterized or hybrid renderers. This update also includes DLSS 2.0 (Deep Learning Super Sampling) where Nvidia says it will provide sharper gameplay with higher frame rates.

Six RTX enabled maps

Its only now Minecraft with RTX BETA is announced with a couple of days to spare. The BETA includes six RTX enabled maps by some of the well-known creators.

It is also been reported that users can import their own maps by downloading their maps use RTX seed to rebuild it.

All you need is Windows 10 with the DXR update, a copy of the game from Microsoft store, an Nvidia RTX 20 series graphics card. In the foreseeable future. , there will be a support on the Xbox Series X. It is uncertain if Minecraft with DXR support will only be RTX inclusive, even after the BETA release. AMD will also release its RDNA2 graphics card with in-game ray-tracing.

VIA: PC World, Typers

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