Crysis Remastered Could Feature Both Crysis and Crysis Warhead

Gamers are pumped for Crysis Remastered, which takes the 2007 cult classic and re-imagines it on the latest CryEngine 5, with new visual effects, high resolution textures, and support for the latest technologies like real-time ray tracing. It has been hinted at that Crysis Remastered could include the original game as well as the spin-off Crysis Warhead.

crysis remastered

So you would have the original game where you play as “Nomad” as well as Warhead which is more action-packed and you play as “Psycho”, Nomad’s squad-mate. Rumors of more than one campaign in the game have surfaced when when Tim Willits from Saber Interactive tweeted that the game would pack more than one campaign. Saber Interactive is co-developing Crysis Remastered with Crytek. His tweet has since been deleted.

Via DSOGaming

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