Patriot Announces Type-C USB Flash Drive

Patriot has just announced the development of a Type-C USB flash drive for the new Macbook, Google Chromebook Pixel and other Type-C equipped notebook and systems. It seems we will start seeing many Type-C devices come out this summer as USB Type-C connections start showing up on more devices.

Patriot USB Type-C Flash Drive

Patriot’s new flash drive has a nice polished metal exterior with a USB Type-C connection on one end and a standard USB 3.0 connector at the other end. This makes the device compatible with all devices.

“As many MacBook users rely heavily on external storage options, we wanted to be at the forefront with a product that will cater to these consumers,” said Meng J. Choo, Patriot’s Product Manager. “As a leading manufacturer of USB and flash memory, we want to offer solutions for our customers that are easy-to-use and provide seamless experiences across all their devices.”

The new Type-C USB Flash Drive will be available to consumers starting in June and will be offered in both 32GB and 64GB capacities.

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