Thursday, July 19, 2018

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ASUS Enables Overclocking on H97, H87, B85 and H81 Series Motherboards

ASUS today announced that its H97, H87, B85 and H81 Series motherboards are able to overclock the latest Intel Pentium Anniversary Edition processor (G3258), 4th-generation Intel Core K Series ('Haswell') and new 4th-generation Intel Core K Series ('Haswell Refresh') processors.

Biostar Hi-Fi H81MDC Motherboard
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Biostar Launches the Hi-Fi H81MDC Socket LGA1150 Motherboard

Biostar has released the latest micro-ATX motherboard which is based upon the Intel H81 chipset which has been tagged as the Hi-Fi H81MDC. The board helps the Intel 4th Gen Core i7 and Core i5 processors and extends support towards them. Along with this, it also offers the Intel single chip architecture with HD 4600 Graphics, on top of another memory controller which has been integrated and will run at rates which can go up to 1600MHz.

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GIGABYTE Launches Intel H81 Series Motherboards

Gigabyte is launching their H81 Motherboards, entry level for Haswell. These motherboards bring in together unique blend of features to offer maximum performance and reliability. Starting from advanced networking and device charging feature, current capable power delivery, exclusive high-end audio features, performance-enhancing caching technologies, GIGABYTE 8 series motherboards are considered to be a class of their own.

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ECS Enables Overclocking on H87, B85, and H81 Motherboards

Following <a href="">ASRock</a>, ECS also has made it possible to overclock your Intel K-Series Haswell processor on H87, B85 and H81 motherboards. Normally if you would want to overclock your K-Series CPU you would have to buy a Z87 motherboard, but with ECS motherboards you do not have to!

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