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Intel Offering Game Bundles For Older K-Series Inventory

Intel's 8th Generation desktop processors were introduced rather fast (just 9 months after the January 3rd launch of the i7-7700K). With that retailers have quite a lot of unsold inventory of the i7-7700K and even i7-6700K chips. To help retailers sell these unsold chips Intel has started a new game-bundle called "Game Without Compromise".

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MSI Z270 Motherboards Able To Auto-Overclock i7-7700K To 5.20 GHz

Pretty much every motherboard manufacture has an auto-overclocking feature built into their motherboards. MSI is one such manufacturer and with their Z270 motherboards they apparently are able to bring the Core i7-7700K from its stock speed of 4.20 GHz all the way up to 5.20 GHz! Typically when it comes to auto-overclocking the increase is not all that great and you are better off overclocking manually yourself.


Intel Core i7-7700K “Kaby Lake” Processor Review

Kaby Lake has is officially here! We have been talking about Kaby Lake for the past few months and today Intel makes it official with the release of the S-Series desktop processors. Typically when Intel releases desktop processors they would go by the "tick-tock" method wherein a "tick" would represent a new node and a "tock" would represent a new architecture. Intel officially killed off "tick-tock" earlier this year and has moved to a three year cadence in which we'll see process -> architecture -> optimization. For 14nm we've seen "Broadwell", then "Skylake" with the new architecture, and now finally we are on the optimization phase which is "Kaby Lake". The optimization phase according to Intel is a direct result of transistor-level enhancements. We can think of "Kaby Lake" much like "Devil's Canyon" chip was to the i7-4770K. While still on the same 14nm process, architecture, and TDP Intel is able to more performance out of the "Kaby Lake" chips. The flagship processor, the Core i7-7700K (4-core, 8-thread) which we are taking a look at today has a base clock of 4.2 GHz and boosts all the way up to 4.5 GHz. That is compared to the 4.0 GHz base and 4.2 GHz boost of the Skylake Core i7-6700K. Read along as we see what Intel's latest desktop processor is all about!

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First Wave Of Intel “Kaby Lake” Desktop Processors Detailed

Intel is planning to launch its 7th generation Core "Kaby Lake" processors by Q4 of 2016. The desktop processors will be the third micro-architecture built on the 14nm process (after "Skylake" and "Broadwell"). The desktop processors will be built in the existing LGA1151 package and Intel is classifying the processors into three different categories so they are not confused.

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