MSI Z270 Motherboards Able To Auto-Overclock i7-7700K To 5.20 GHz

Pretty much every motherboard manufacture has an auto-overclocking feature built into their motherboards. MSI is one such manufacturer and with their Z270 motherboards they apparently are able to bring the Core i7-7700K from its stock speed of 4.20 GHz all the way up to 5.20 GHz! Typically when it comes to auto-overclocking the increase is not all that great and you are better off overclocking manually yourself.


MSI’s “Game Boost” function gives the user 11 grades of preset overclocks. With the Z270 XPower Gaming Titanium motherboard at it highest overclock setting in Game Boost brought the Core i7-7700K all the way up to 5.20 GHz. This was achieved with a 52x 100 MHz multiplier/base-clock setting, a vCore voltage of 1.507V, vDIMM of 1.2V, and disabled C-states. The overclock was however only achieved with an AiO liquid CPU cooler.


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