Atari Is Teasing Its Return To Gaming Hardware

It looks like Atari is teasing its return to gaming hardware. Don’t get too excited it is not a modern console. According to reports it is going to be a wrist-worn gaming device. In the teaser image below you can see a wrist tattooed with the Atari logo and a logo for “GameBand”.


The teaser image came in the Atari Newsletter and the text followed, “”We’re getting ready to announce some new tech that will let you play classic Atari titles in a whole new way. Sign up for an inside peek before the official launch on February 1st!”

There has actually been a previous GameBand product. It was the Minecraft GameBand, which included a portable copy of the game and launchers that could be plugged into PC, Mac, and Linux machines. The wrist-worn GameBand includes messages and animations that play on its small LED display.

So for the Atari version would would expect the same type of thing, you could plug it into any machine you have access to (Windows, Mac, Linux), and play your favorite Atari classics.


You can signup on to be the first to know when the new GameBand is announced.

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