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Always an option an digital signage and KVM applications IOGEAR is taking the reigns when it comes to wireless video transmission. Video transmission from point A to B has always been a challenge for companies and IOGEAR has always come through with wired and now slick wireless options. As the market for specific transmission applications changes IOGEAR follows suit. Awesome products that would scare any cable or satellite provider and make any end user quite happy are just some of the featured items that IOGEAR looks to use to make 2013 a year to be remembered.


CES 2011: Digital Experience

The night before CES actually starts, media company Pepcom holds an annual event called "Digital Experience." This event showcases some of the newest technology coming to market, some of it announced at the event or shortly before it. I toured Digital Experience -- this year with an Area 51 alien invasion theme -- and present herein some of the great finds.


CES 2010: IOGear

IOGear has traditionally been a very IT-oriented company. Its core technology was KVM--a device to which a user connects a single <em>k</em>eyboard, <em>v</em>ideo (monitor), and <em>m</em>ouse in order to control one of several connected computers. A few years ago, IOGear diversified and began marketing mobility and desktop accessories. This year, IOGear devoted itself to "convergence through connectivity," continuing its diversification into the home audio/video market, but also introduces some new products in its existing product areas.

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