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Photo of Next Amazon Kindle Fire Tablet Leaked

Rumors have been heating up that Amazon will soon be releasing new Kindle Fire tablets. This does makes sense as Amazon recently lowered the price of the Kindle family and holiday season is right around the corner. It looks like the first press shot of the a new Amazon Kindle has been leaked. Don't be too excited it looks almost identical to the Kindle's that are out now.


How to Install Google Chrome on the Amazon Kindle Fire HD

As you may know I have recently added a Kindle Fire HD to my gadget list.  I actually really like the device.  You can read my <a href="">lengthy review on it here</a>.  Amazon tries to keep you in their ecosystem with the Kindle Fire HD.  As such you can only download apps that are in Amazon’s App store.  This really does limit you.  Amazon’s silk browser is alright, but there are plenty of better browsers available for Android.  Amazon blocks them from their app store, but you are still able to install them.  In this guide we will show you how to easily install Google Chrome on your Amazon Kindle Fire HD.  This process shouldn’t take that long and the best part you do not even have to root your Kindle Fire HD!  Let’s get started!


Amazon Kindle Fire HD Tablet Review

You know for me I never saw the need for an Amazon Kindle.  I get all kinds of gadgets to play with and I have two tablets already, which I rarely use.  I ended up winning the Kindle Fire HD at a party at CES so I was pretty curious to see what all the buzz was about.  I do actually read a lot, but I tried to make the switch over to reading on tablets and it just did not stick.  I think the biggest thing was that I didn’t want to carry a large tablet around with me all of the time.  The Kindle Fire HD being only 7-inches is the smallest tablet I have owned or really spent an extended period of time with.  After taking it out of the package I said to myself, “wow this thing is small and who would want a tablet this size?”  But after using it for a few weeks it seems to be the perfect device to read on.  Of course there is much more you can do on the Kindle fire HD as well so let’s go ahead and get this review started!

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Amazon Kindle Fire only $129 on Cyber Monday

Black Friday was last week and we really hope that if you did go out in the craziness you survived it! If someone on your list is looking for a tablet <a href="" target="_blank">Amazon is selling the Kindle Fire for only $129 today</a> on Cyber Monday! Normally Amazon sells the device for $174, but today using the promotional code "FIREDEAL" at checkout the Kindle Fire is $129! It is probably the best deal Amazon has on their site today! This promotional code will work all day today, but it is only limited to one per customer! <a href="" target="_blank">GET THE DEAL HERE</a>!


CES 2012: Nyko

Are you ready for the PS Vita? Nyko is ready, and at CES 2012 they've proven their readiness by showing off their line of Vita launch products. Starting with the Speaker Stand that not only provides speakers for the Vita, but it also doubles as a charging dock and has an infrared remote. There's also the Power Grip, Power Armor Kit, Power Kit and game case. Sticking with the speaker accessory theme, Nyko also has a Speaker Stand coming out for the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire's Speaker Stand will also change the device, and it has a kickstand. The last Kindle Fire product Nyko showed was the Power Grip. It has a built in rechargeable battery to give the Kindle Fire an extra boost, an ergonomic grip, and a kickstand that can be used horizontally or vertically. Finally, Nyko is offering Yo Gabba Gabba! products. The first is a Brobee Hip Pack, with the other being the Muno Time.

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