Saturday, July 21, 2018

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Mobile App Development Trends In 2016

Mobile users are becoming tech-savvy and are adopting the patterns of movement to make their work productive. Hiring a taxi, shopping online, ordering food, and other day-to-day activities end up being easier with making use of mobile applications. We experienced numerous new innovations in the field of mobile apps in 2015. With the beginning of 2016, some hot trends are most likely to remain, while there will be some brand-new additions to the mobile app patterns in the coming year.


Favorite Mobile Apps for Summer 2012

It seems everyone these days has a smartphone.  With the popularity of the iPhone, abundance of Android devices, and the marketing of Windows 7 phones it is unlikely that most people will choose a plain phone over a smartphone.  The driving force behind all of the awesome smartphones are the apps.  Because of course a smartphone is just a phone without the apps.  Summer has just started so here are our favorite apps to make the best out of your summer!

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