Favorite Mobile Apps for Summer 2012

It seems everyone these days has a smartphone.  With the popularity of the iPhone, abundance of Android devices, and the marketing of Windows 7 phones it is unlikely that most people will choose a plain phone over a smartphone.  The driving force behind all of the awesome smartphones are the apps.  Because of course a smartphone is just a phone without the apps.  Summer has just started so here are our favorite mobile apps to make the best out of your summer!

Capturing the Moment

Instagram (iPhone / Android)

Instagram over the past year has turned into everyone’s favorite photo sharing app.  Up until recently it was exclusively on iOS, but now you can get it on Android as well.  With its cool filters it has turned so many people back on to photography.  Through the app you can easily share photos to your favorite social networks so you can let everyone know what you are up to this summer.

Socialcam (iPhone)

Socialcam is dubbed the “Instagram for video” by TechCrunch and it really is.  Just like instagram the app has cool filters you can use for video.  One thing I really like about this app compared to other video sharing apps is that you can use videos you have already taken, and videos any length.  Many apps are limited to 60 seconds or less.  Again with this app you can share on your favorite social networks and even import videos to YouTube.  We have our own Socialcam channel so check it out!


Runkeeper (iPhone / Android)

Runkeeper is an app that I have been a fan of for a long time and that I use all the time.  Do you go running, walking, cycling etc?  Want to be able to track your distance, time, and calories burned?  This app will do it!  Not only that it has a cool social feature that allows you to share your activities on Facebook and Twitter.  Your activities are stored on their website and you can see on a map where you traveled, it is pretty cool!

MyFitnessPal (iPhone / Android)

While Runkeeper keeps track of your workouts and activities MyFitnessPal keeps track of what you eat.  Its database has over 1.7 million different foods including fast food and restaurants!  You keep track of everything and it even has a barcode scanner that you can scan what you are eating for easy lookup!  If you really want to keep track of your calories and what you are eating this is it!

Keeping the Party Alive

Pandora (iPhone / Android)

I have been using Pandora before there were even “apps”.  Pandora is free personalized music that plays only the music you love.  You are able to put in an artist, music type or song and it will create a custom playlist for it.  I love it and use it on a daily basis.  Having something like this at a party or cookout is great because you will never run out of great music.

Spotify (iPhone / Android)

Spotify is another great music app that gives you access to pretty much any album out there.  I use both the desktop and mobile app.  It has all of the music you would ever want, we even have a post on some awesome playlist on our forums.  While you can use the desktop app for free, it is $9.99 a month to have access to Spotify’s music library on your mobile device.  YOu can however add your own music to spotify and have access to it on your mobile device.

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