Favorite Mobile Apps for Summer 2012

Out and About

Schemer (iPhone / Android)

Schemer is a very cool app that I mainly use for its “Stuff to do” feature.  This feature allows you to find things to do or “Schemes” that other people have created based on your location.  So if you are in a new city, on vacation and are wondering what might be cool to do you can click on the nearby icon and see what you can do.  It makes for a very interesting and fun day for sure!

Urbanspoon (iPhone / Android)

When I’m looking for a place to eat I always use Urbanspoon.  The nearby feature allows you to see the closest places to eat around you.  I love Urbanspoons ranking system too, by the users.  You either like the restaurant or you don’t.  Based on the votes it gets a percentage score.  So you know if something has an 80% or higher it is a good place to go to.  If you are feeling adventurous you can use the shake feature!

OpenTable (iPhone / Android)

So you’ve found that restaurant that you want to go to, but you get there and there is an hour wait.  The best way to get around this is Open Table.  It allows you to set a reservation at a restaurant for free at anytime.  Almost all of the restaurants that I’ve been to support the app and it is very easy to use.  All you do is select the restaurant, select your time, confirm and you are good to go.

Cocktail Compass (iPhone / Android)

Everyone loves a good happy hour right?  Cocktail Compass shows you the closest happy hours to your location and even shows you how much time is left in the happy hour.  You can select each bar and go in and see the happy hour details, bring the bar up on a map, share the bar and even add it to your favorites.

Fandango (iPhone / Android)

Going to the movies is something I tend to do a lot more in the summer, I’m not sure why.  The movies are great for a date especially for younger people who cannot go to bars.  Fandango will show you the movie listings for theaters near your location.  Not only that at select theaters you can purchase tickets directly from the app.  This allows you to skip the long ticket line and ensures that you will get a ticket.

That concludes our list of apps for this summer! Do you think there is an app we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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