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CES 2012: Nyko

Are you ready for the PS Vita? Nyko is ready, and at CES 2012 they've proven their readiness by showing off their line of Vita launch products. Starting with the Speaker Stand that not only provides speakers for the Vita, but it also doubles as a charging dock and has an infrared remote. There's also the Power Grip, Power Armor Kit, Power Kit and game case. Sticking with the speaker accessory theme, Nyko also has a Speaker Stand coming out for the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire's Speaker Stand will also change the device, and it has a kickstand. The last Kindle Fire product Nyko showed was the Power Grip. It has a built in rechargeable battery to give the Kindle Fire an extra boost, an ergonomic grip, and a kickstand that can be used horizontally or vertically. Finally, Nyko is offering Yo Gabba Gabba! products. The first is a Brobee Hip Pack, with the other being the Muno Time.


CES 2011: Nyko

Last year Nyko showed us their Wand+ and Charge Base Quad for the Wii, a Core Controller for the PS3, along with Speaker Com 360 and Intercooler TS for the Xbox 360. Since then, they’ve hit the lab and come up with some new and innovative products. Here’s a look at what you can expect from Nyko in 2011.


CES 2010: Nyko

If you’re a gamer, chances are you know Nyko is synonymous with affordable quality peripherals. At CES 2010, Nyko is showing off impressive products such as the Wand+ and Charge Base Quad IC (Wii), Media Hub Slim and Core Controller (PS3), Speaker Com 360 and Intercooler TS (Xbox 360). Each product offers benefits to their original counterparts while retaining the same high quality and affordability that Nyko has always offered.

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