CES 2011: Nyko

Last year Nyko showed us their Wand+ and Charge Base Quad for the Wii, a Core Controller for the PS3, along with Speaker Com 360 and Intercooler TS for the Xbox 360. Since then, they’ve hit the lab and come up with some new and innovative products. Here’s a look at what you can expect from Nyko in 2011.

Playstation 3
Wow! That’s all I was able to say when I picked up Nyko’s Raven controller for the PS3. Why did I say wow? Here’s the list:

1) Nyko absolutely nailed the ergonomics on the Raven. This controller is so comfortable that it could definitely rival the stock Xbox 360 controller. In addition to having great ergonomics, the Raven has “Soft Feel Surface”, which made the controller feel very sturdy in my hands. If your hands sweat a lot while playing, you might want to give the Raven a shot.

2) The triggers are inversed! One of the things I can’t stand about the stock PS3 controller is that L2 and R2 are curved downward. Trying to play a racing game with the triggers on a stock PS3 controller can be beyond frustrating at times. The folks at Nyko must really understand gamers’ frustrations because they have placed the triggers the ‘proper’ way on the Raven.

3) The Raven alternate version. Taking a quick look back at 1 & 2, Nyko nailed the ergonomics and inversed the triggers. There is one key factor left in making a great controller, thumbstick placement. The alternate version has thumbsticks that mimic an Xbox 360 controller. This is by far the icing on the cake for the Raven.

Also, if you were wondering, the Raven also supports rumble and sixaxis. Plus, it has a built in rechargeable battery. You can pick up the Raven in stores now for $34.99.

CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko

Perfect Shot
At first, you might think, “why do I need a gun-like piece of plastic to hold the Wand?” Well, this isn’t just a gun-like piece of plastic. The Perfect Shot has built in rumble (requires 2 AA), a great grip and actually has some weight to it. Nyko had “The Shoot” setup with the Perfect Shot, I played around for 10 minutes or so, it reminded me of playing Lethal Enforcers in the arcade. Perfect Shot is set to release in March 2011 in three colors, black, white, and camo. No price has been announced.

CES 2011: Nyko

Power Shot
If the Perfect Shot isn’t big enough for you, the Power Shot should do the trick. The Power Shot is similar to the Perfect Shot, but is a rifle. The back of the Power Shot pulls out for better shoulder support, it has a scope for improved accuracy, and also features a spot for the Navigation Controller. More importantly, the holder for the Navigation Controller can be rotated left or right, depending if you’re left or right handed. To sum it up, if Perfect Shot is Lethal Enforces, then Power Shot is Ghost Squad. Power Shot is also set to release in March 2011, and no price has been set.

CES 2011: Nyko

Charge Station & Charge Station Quad
Nyko has always made great charge stations, so it’s nice to know that a Move version is now available. For $19.99 (2 port), or $29.99 (4 port), you can easily charge the Wand and the Motion Controller in any combination you want. So, if you get the Charge Station (2 Port), you can charge 2 Wands, or 2 Motion Controllers, or 1 Wand and 1 Motion Controller. Also, the same mix-n-match ability applies for the Charge Station Quad (4 port). And like all other Nyko charge stations, both have a slick presentation and LED’s to specify if it’s charged or charging.

CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko