CES 2011: Nyko

Xbox 360
You shelled out the money for Kinect only to realize the data cable that came with it isn’t long enough! Not a problem, Nyko has the ExtendLink which offers an additional 15 feet of flat cable (so it won’t get all tangled up), and it has an LED link indicator. Also, the extra length shouldn’t cause any lag or performance degradation.

CES 2011: Nyko

Power Adapter (Kinect)
When Kinect launched back in November 2010, many consumers were upset that a power adapter wasn’t included with the Kinect console bundles. Microsoft quickly told everyone not to worry, they have power adapters but, they’re $30. Of course, that only made people more upset and this is when Nyko saw the opportunity to make a great product for a lot less. The Nyko Power Adapter for Kinect provides 10 feet of cable, an LED power indicator and, is about half the price of the Microsoft branded adapter.

CES 2011: Nyko

Intercooler STS
The new Xbox 360, commonly referred to as the Xbox 360 S (or slim), is touted to run a lot cooler than its predecessor and be ‘whisper quiet’. While it does run cooler, some people might want it just a little bit cooler. The Intercooler STS easily snaps onto the top of the Xbox 360 S, plugs into a USB port on the back, auto-senses the temperature and will only turn on when needed. Also, the vents are in the front of the Intercooler STS, so if you have your Xbox in a home theater like setup, it will push the hot air out of the front, instead of into the back or top. Because of the front hot air projection, the ambient temperature in your home theater setup should also see a nice decrease in temperature. The Intercooler STS will be available February 2011 for $19.99.

CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko

Charge Base S
Since the Intercooler got a re-design for the Xbox 360 S model, so did the Charge Base. At first glance, it looks like an ordinary charging dock for a couple of controllers. What can be easily missed is a screen that lights up when a controller is charging, and a USB port in the front behind a trap door which will allow you to charge any USB device (iPhone, iPod, additional controller, etc.). The charging indicator lights start at red, go to orange, then pure white when the controller is fully charged. Expected play time is about 25 hours off of 2 hours of charge time. The Charge Base S will launch in March 2011 at a price of $24.99.

CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko

Perfect Shot Pro
The Perfect Shot Pro is an upgraded version of last year’s Perfect Shot. The new Pro version features rumble, and is a bit heavier than the previous model. However, the weight is a welcome addition since it creates a more authentic feel. To break it down, if you enjoyed the original version of the Perfect Shot, you will also like the Pro.

CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko CES 2011: Nyko