Before we visited iBUYPOWER’s suite, we were warned they had some really cool stuff to show. While we believed them, we weren’t totally prepared for what we were going to see. Three new systems, and one of those three packs such a powerful punch, you may want to be remain seated for the entire duration of this article. Here’s a glimpse at iBUYPOWER’s 2011 lineup.

Battalion Touch CZ-12
The CZ-12 is the latest in iBUYPOWER’s multi-touch laptops. It’s sandy bridge based and also runs the latest version of MAGIC (Multi-touch Advanced Gaming Interface & Control). If you’re new to iBUYPOWER’s multi-touch systems, then here’s a quick overview:

  • Multi-touch technology provides a fully functional touch screen
  • MAGIC allows you to setup touch and gesture shortcuts for any combination of keyboard or mouse inputs

So, you have what looks to be a basic gaming laptop, but then you touch the screen and realize there’s a whole new level to this machine. Windows 7 natively supports touch as an input device. However, if you don’t like the default configuration provided by Windows, you can use MAGIC to fully customize your experience. You can set a simple tap to be Alt + Tab. Or, a two finger tap to be show desktop (Windows Key + D). A swipe could be any other keyboard or mouse combination. If you were to combine what MAGIC offers with a hot key utility, you could easily open web browsers, launch music players, or play music just from a tap or swipe on your screen.

MAGIC is just as useful for games. Since not every game supports a multi-touch input, MAGIC can be used to zoom in on a map, select units, or whatever you desire your multi-touch input to do. Since, any multi-touch action can be mapped to any keys, the possibilities are endless.


LAN Warrior 2
If for whatever reason you didn’t know, or weren’t sure, the LAN Warrior 2’s main focus is LAN parties. It’s a simple and simple case to carry around. The LAN Warrior 2 features a handle on top, two channel fan control, up to 24GB RAM (yes, that’s right, 24GB), dual SLI/CrossFire support, and 92mm liquid cooling. AMD systems start at $749, while Intel systems start at $799. The LAN Warrior 2 is available now.