CES 2011: AOC

AOC International, the modern descendant of Admiral, is a maker of fine display products for TV and computers alike.

This year, AOC highlighted its Breeze tablet. This 800×600 8″ resistive screen tablet features Android 2.1 and retails for $179. It sports a USB port for mass storage connection, a microSD slot, and 4 GB of internal storage with 256 MB of RAM for its Rockchip processor. No cellular data, just WiFi (802.11b/g). The battery life for this 1.1 lb device is approximately six hours for video playback or 12 hours for audio. It supports orientation switching, too.

Why resistive when just about everything else is capacitive? My rep cited the low cost of resistive screens keeping the cost of the device under $200, and said that resistive screens are better for folks who want to use a stylus.

Unfortunately, my rep tells me that it’s unlikely this device will see Android 2.2. Fortunately, it’s AOC’s first tablet and there will be more with Android 2.2 or newer in June.

CES 2011: AOC CES 2011: AOC CES 2011: AOC CES 2011: AOC

AOC showed off its USB monitors, as well. Most notably, these displays are bus-powered — no external power supply required! This makes it great for travel. Accustomed to two monitors when working? Take a USB monitor with you. They’re thin and require only a USB cable to function. There are three models: 11.6″, 15.6″, and 18.5″, all with a contrast ratio of 20M:1 and resolution of 1366×768. All have glass screens, too. Pricing and availability weren’t available.

CES 2011: AOC CES 2011: AOC

AOC also showed its Aire LED ultra-slim displays. Sized at 19″ (1366×768), 20″ (1600×900), 22″ (1080p), and 23″ (1080p), each has a contrast ratio of 50M:1. There is a DVI and a VGA input. An awesome feature of these units is that the base serves as the VESA mount, should a user want to wall-mount the display. The neck folds down to compact the unit.

Pictured here is the i2353Fh, a 23″ model with two HDMI inputs and a VGA input. It has a audio out, too, so that users can connect the audio in from their device to a larger stereo system. Pricing isn’t yet available, but it’s likely that the displays will be available in the second half of 2011.

CES 2011: AOC CES 2011: AOC CES 2011: AOC

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