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CES 2011 Swag Giveaway!

Each year at CES we get a ton of swag, sometimes too much swag. This year we decided to give some of it away to you our readers. So what does this swag bag contain? I think the best item in the bag is a 16GB USB 3.0 flash drive. Other items include Zalman USB speakers, a Corsair emergency charger, CA Anti-Virus Plus, CA Internet Security Suite Plus, CA PC Tune-up, the CMHD.TV 2011 girls calendar, a Kingston T-shirt, Zotac T-shirt, Zalman hat and iBUYPOWER hat. This giveaway is going to run much like our other giveaways.


CES 2011: The Cars

At CES we see a lot of different things, but one of the things that always blows our minds is the crazy cars. This year was no different we saw a ton of different cars. Some were concepts, some were loaded with speakers and others were just down right cool. Take a look through our CES 2011 Car Gallery and see which car from this year is your favorite!


CES 2011: MSI

MSI is a new sponsor here at ThinkComputers and they were nice enough to invite us up to their suite at Aria to check out some of their latest products. They showed us their new Twin Frozr III cooling system for video cards, new Mini-ITX boards that feature both AMD Fusion and Intel P67, and a new motherboard that is just insane! Let check out what they have in store for 2011!


CES 2011: Cooler Master

Cooler Master has 3 great product lines.  They have their main Cooler Master line, which we know for awesome cases and CPU coolers.  Their Storm gaming line has great cases and gaming peripherals.  Finally their Choiix line has great mobile products that really come in handy.  This year at CES they showed up some great new products from each line, let’s take a look...


CES 2011: AOC

<a href="">AOC International</a>, the modern descendant of <a href="">Admiral</a>, is a maker of fine display products for TV and computers alike. This year, AOC highlighted its Breeze tablet. This 800x600 8" resistive screen tablet features Android 2.1 and retails for $179. It sports a USB port for mass storage connection, a microSD slot, and 4 GB of internal storage with 256 MB of RAM for its Rockchip processor. No cellular data, just WiFi (802.11b/g). The battery life for this 1.1 lb device is approximately six hours for video playback or 12 hours for audio. It supports orientation switching, too.


CES 2011: Razer

If you’re a PC gamer, you know who Razer is and what they do. Razer has made superb gaming mice and keyboards since 1998, now they’re ready to show the rest of the world what they can do. For 2011, Razer is showing off the Switchblade and Onza. The Switchblade is perhaps one of the most intriguing devices I’ve seen in a long time. At first sight, you might think it’s a laptop or netbook. Boy, you couldn’t be more incorrect! Since Razer is a gaming company, the Switchblade was created to deliver quality gaming experiences on the go. This isn’t a new platform, it is a PC at heart, however the design of the system is what makes it unique.


CES 2011: Antec

For the first time in as long as I can remember Antec actually had a booth on the show floor at CES.  I think the main reason for this is to gain some traction with their Soundscience Rockus Speakers.  Well whatever the reason for Antec returning to the show floor they did have some really cool products to show us, so let’s take a look...



Before we visited iBUYPOWER’s suite, we were warned they had some really cool stuff to show. While we believed them, we weren’t totally prepared for what we were going to see. Three new systems, and one of those three packs such a powerful punch, you may want to be remain seated for the entire duration of this article. Here’s a glimpse at iBUYPOWER’s 2011 lineup.


CES 2011: Nyko

Last year Nyko showed us their Wand+ and Charge Base Quad for the Wii, a Core Controller for the PS3, along with Speaker Com 360 and Intercooler TS for the Xbox 360. Since then, they’ve hit the lab and come up with some new and innovative products. Here’s a look at what you can expect from Nyko in 2011.


CES 2011: Patriot Memory

Patriot Memory signed on as a sponsor of ThinkComputers this past year and they have quite a selection of different products.  At CES 2011 they showed us that they are revamping many of these product lines.  They also showed us a new product line that we really did not expect from them.  Read on to see what it is...

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