Saturday, July 21, 2018

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AMD Announces GPUOpen To Counter NVIDIA’s GameWorks

AMD has just announced GPUOpen which is their answer to NVIDIA's GameWorks. NVIDIA's GameWorks SDK helps developers speed up PC graphics and provide a more interactive and cinematic game experience for users on NVIDIA hardware. AMD does not want NVIDIA to be the only one offering these tools to developers so they are announcing GPUOpen with the "open" referring to "open-source".

Compulab MintBox 2
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Compulab MintBox 2 Unveiled

The CompuLab and Linux Mint won’t dishearten on the front because they have just unveiled the MintBox 2 which is a big time improvement to their open source mini PC. It’s the second generation compressed desktop that runs Linux Mint out of the box. While the predecessor ran embedded chips like AMD E series ‘Zacate’ APUs, the latest version gets its hands on Intel Core i5 that is allegedly four times faster than the AMD T56 present in the MintBox Pro . We personally presume that Compulab might be using mobile dual-core variants, which is considered to be four times as fast as an E-series APU.


Digital game distribution company Desura releases Linux client

Linux gaming isn't something we here at ThinkComputers often cover, but when big things happen, we like to mention them! Yesterday, <a href="" target="new">Desura</a>, a digital distribution channel for video games, <a href="">released a Linux version</a> of its network client. It's the culmination of months of hard work by Desura team and its beta testers.

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