Digital game distribution company Desura releases Linux client

Linux gaming isn’t something we here at ThinkComputers often cover, but when big things happen, we like to mention them!

Yesterday, Desura, a digital distribution channel for video games, released a Linux version of its network client. It’s the culmination of months of hard work by Desura team and its beta testers.

“Linux users were continually reaching out to us offering their support and encouragement as we developed the Linux client,” Desura founder Scott Reismanis said in the press release. “I believe we have created a robust tool to help promote and grow gaming on Linux. After an extensive 2 month beta, we are proud to unlock Desura for all Linux users and shift our attention towards adding to the more than 65 Linux games already offered.”

Available for purchase with its release are more than 65 mostly indie titles, including Oil Rush, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, Steel Storm: Burning Retribution, Scoregasm, Trauma, and more, including a host of free-to-play and wholly free games.

Also of note to open source advocates, Desura will likely be releasing the Linux client under a GPL license to GitHub after the sole Desura Linux developer sought help on the Desura forums. The server will remain closed source.

I took a few moments to install it on my Ubuntu workstation. Desura for Linux is distributed as an self-installer package for 32- or 64-bit Linux; I can’t wait until it’s a proper deb or has an apt repository. Here are some screenshots from the client. It’s pretty neat and well-organized.

Desura Linux Client Desura Linux Client Desura Linux Client Desura Linux Client Desura Linux Client Desura Linux Client

We’ve very excited to see a rising star in the game distribution industry give first-class support to Linux gamers!

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