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Looking For Group – A New Gaming Center in Pittsburgh

Gaming centers are nothing new to the Pittsburgh area. We have seen quite a few come and go over the years and it seems no one has really got the right recipe for a gaming center that lasts. Well a new gaming center has sprung up in the Brookline area of Pittsburgh offering a unique mix of PC and Console gaming with a co-working space as well. Last week we visited Looking For Group or LFG to see what they were all about.

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Pittco’s Iron Storm XII

Pittsburgh LAN Coalition is hosting Iron Storm XII, a computer and console LAN party video game tournament on March 4-6. More than $2,000 worth of prizes from more than 20 sponsors will be given away as door prizes and in 10 official tournaments, including $800 cash for Heroes of Newerth and a buy-in for Counter-Strike: Source. Pittco is also known for its "jackass tournaments", such as musical chairs, rap battles, and the mind-over-pain "ice head". Check out the sweet LAN gaming action at <a href="" target="_blank"></a>.


A Look at the New ThinkComputers Office

Running ThinkComputers is a full time job and sometimes it is hard to do that job when you are not very comfortable sitting at your computer every day. If you didn't know ThinkComputers is mainly based in Pittsburgh, PA and I run the website out of my house. I have turned the extra bedroom into an office for ThinkComputers. When I first moved in I had the room setup a completely different way than what it is now. Originally I had the 2 desks separated, one in each corner of the room. This really did not work at all, things just became too cramped and my desk was really cluttered. Read on to see what the new office looks like!


February 2010 in Review

Another month has gone by here at ThinkComputers! This month was a really bad month for weather here in Pittsburgh, one of the worst storms in memory hit us and things haven't got much better, it has been snowing almost every other day. Besides the crazy weather we had a lot of really cool reviews this month. My favorite would have to be the <a href="">Lenovo ThinkPad Edge 13-inch notebook</a>. It is a great consumer based laptop, but at the same time it has many business features people will like. Also make sure you check out the <a href="">Is Android Taking Over</a> article. Read on to see the top content, traffic sources, etc for February.


Pittco Iron Storm X LAN Party

Pittco is a local LAN group here in Pittsburgh. The currently run the largest LAN party in Pittsburgh and their events are always fun. I have been going to Pittco events since they started and I was really excited for this event. Especially because with this event it was not all about PC gaming, there was a very large console section, which was never at a Pittco event before. I ventured out to Castle Shannon for Iron Storm X to game, watch some tournaments, and just have a good time. Let's see what this 200 person event is all about!

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