Pittco’s Iron Storm XII

Pittsburgh LAN Coalition is hosting Iron Storm XII, a computer and console LAN party video game tournament on March 4-6. More than $2,000 worth of prizes from more than 20 sponsors will be given away as door prizes and in 10 official tournaments, including $800 cash for Heroes of Newerth and a buy-in for Counter-Strike: Source. Pittco is also known for its “jackass tournaments”, such as musical chairs, rap battles, and the mind-over-pain “ice head”. Check out the sweet LAN gaming action at www.pittco.org.

More information on the event here.

Official PC Tournaments

  • Heroes of Newerth 5v5, $800 cash prizes, sponsored by S2 Games!
  • Counter-Strike: Source 5v5 Buy-in
  • Quake 3 CTF 4v4 (aka The Clamato Bowl)
  • Starcraft II 1v1
  • Left 4 Dead 2 Scavenge 4v4

Official Console Tournaments

  • Halo REACH 4v4
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360) 4v4
  • Super Street Fighter IV 1v1
  • Super Smash Brothers Brawl FFA
  • Gran Turismo 5 1v1 or time trial

Other Features of Pittco LAN Parties

  • Verizon FiOS Internet service, at least 15/5 (working on getting 150/35!)
  • “Quiet Time” during late hours – No annoying microphone!
  • Constant schedule of gaming to do during the event – solo and team matches in “Pittco Roulette” and more
  • IRL Jackass Competitions such as Musical Chairs, Ice Head, Karaoke, Rap Battles, Bring-Me-A, and more
  • Door-Prize Raffles!
  • Friendly, Approachable Staff with more than 66 man-years of LAN party management experience
  • Concession stand with items sold at-cost (i.e. CHEAP) so you don’t have to leave the venue if you don’t want to.
  • Ample Parking Space
  • Lodging and Food within acceptable driving distance


  • CPU Magazine
  • GameStop (Robinson)
  • Gunnar
  • Nexcess/Interworx
  • Rage Gage
  • Red Bull
  • Save Point Gaming
  • Arby’s (Castle Shannon)
  • Bigfoot Networks
  • Cooler Master
  • Gigabyte
  • Patriot Memory
  • Razer
  • TRENDnet
  • Velocity Micro
  • Amped Airsoft
  • Steel City Airsoft
  • DarkThreads.com
  • GameSkulls.com
  • KontrolFreek
  • Family Video (Castle Shannon)
  • S2 Games [Heroes of Newerth developer]

We’re aggressively campaigning sponsors — we’ve added 2-3 per week and hope to continue that toward the event.

More information on the event here.