Looking For Group – A New Gaming Center in Pittsburgh

Gaming centers are nothing new to the Pittsburgh area. We have seen quite a few come and go over the years and it seems no one has really got the right recipe for a gaming center that lasts. Well a new gaming center has sprung up in the Brookline area of Pittsburgh offering a unique mix of PC and Console gaming with a co-working space as well. Last week we visited Looking For Group or LFG to see what they were all about.

Looking For Group is located on the main drag in Brookline (924 Brookline Blvd) and is quite easy to get to no matter what part of the city you are coming from. They are open weekdays from 2PM – 10PM, Saturday’s from 12PM – 10PM, and Sunday’s from 12PM – 8PM. While they were building the space out they decided to start a Kickstarter campaign, which was completely funded (171% since the last time we checked). They tell us these extra funds will help them better build out the space and purchase the necessary equipment to give you, the users the best experience possible.

The Gaming Space
The main space is very open and is comprised of both PC and Console gaming sections. The PC section is set up on the left side of the room. Currently Looking For Group has 10 gaming PCs setup. They are set up right next to each other with ample room, so you don’t feel camped in if someone is next to you. One thing that I really liked is that all of the chairs in the PC section are actual chairs made for PC users. So many times at gaming centers we see cheap chairs that are not comfortable at all!

Looking For Group Pittsburgh

These PCs are ready to play the latest games out there. They feature an Intel Core i5-4690K, GeForce GTX 970, 16GB of DDR3 memory and are built inside ASRock’s M8 chassis, which means they do not take up a lot of space either. All of the PCs are loaded with Windows 10 and the latest games.

Looking For Group Pittsburgh

In the center of the room is the console gaming pod. This pod is made up of four PlayStation 4 spots and four Xbox One spots. Each with their own dedicated display and gaming chair.

Looking For Group Pittsburgh

There are two more relaxed gaming spots. The first is in the front of the room which features a larger display, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Steam Machine, Wii U, and accessories for games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero.

Looking For Group Pittsburgh

On the opposite side of that is another larger display and consoles. They have theater-style seating here, which is pretty nice. This gaming section also has an Xbox One and Wii U.

Looking For Group Pittsburgh

Gaming prices for both PC and Console are as follow:

$4 for 1 hour
$10 for 3 hours
$20 for all day

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