Looking For Group – A New Gaming Center in Pittsburgh

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The co-working space is in the back in its own separate room. The room, while not as big as the gaming room is still pretty large. There are a few desks set up right now where you can work. Looking For Group is waiting for feedback from the community on how to build out this space correctly. I really like that the co-working space is completely separated from the gaming space.

Looking For Group Pittsburgh

The co-working space also has amenities you would expect to find in any office like a very nice conference room, printer and scanner and of course great internet. If you are going to be working there all day that have a nice little kitchen setup too so you can keep your drinks and food cold. They also have server tools like the Unity Master Server at their location along with a Unity Assets server and full VPN access to co-working monthly members.

Looking For Group Pittsburgh

Co-working members also have access to the gaming PCs during down times. The PCs have a productivity suite that includes Office, Photoshop, Visual Studio, Inkscape and free software that will help members make their ideas a reality.

Looking For Group will be offering three different co-working memberships. There will be a daily membership, a 10-day limited membership and a full monthly membership. They are still working out the pricing, but the monthly membership should be around $250. It is great to see co-working in the south hills because to our knowledge there are not any other places.

Looking For Group is brand new so they are constantly looking to the community for ideas and are planning to expand when possible. They are currently running different gaming tournaments and have a lot of different events planned. If you are looking to do some gaming or want a place where you can work for the day be sure to check out Looking For Group.

You can visit their website or check them out on Facebook.

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