Friday, July 20, 2018

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A Look At The New AMD Ryzen CPU Coolers

AMD will have three different CPU coolers for their new Ryzen processors. These will include a 65W entry-level cooler, a 95W mid-range cooler, and a high performance cooler that is based on the Wraith design.

AMD Wraith CPU Cooler
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AMD’s Wraith Cooler To Be Bundled With FX-8350 & FX-6350

It looks like AMD will be bundling its high-performance Wraith CPU cooler with more processors. Two of the better selling AM3+ chips, the eight-core FX-8350 and the six-core FX-6350 could come bundled with the new Wraith cooler. These will be packaged in special packaging which should have a slight premium over the older cooling solutions that are already in circulation.

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AMD Launches New Desktop CPUs and APUs

Today AMD is launching a few new desktop CPU and APU products that will come with the company's new range of stock air coolers, which we talked about earlier this month. Today's launch includes two APU products and one CPU, all of which will be bundled with the new stock CPU coolers.

AMD Wraith Cooler
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AMD Offers New Thermal Solutions and Processors for Near-Silent Performance

AMD today launched new thermal solutions, including the flagship AMD Wraith Cooler, as well as the new AMD A10-7860K and new AMD Athlon X4 845 desktop processors. Designed for the consumer who cares about how their desktop PC runs, sounds, and looks, AMD now offers new thermal solutions that generate less than one-tenth the noise of their predecessors -- running at a near-silent 39 decibels, about as quiet as a library.

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