AMD Launches New Desktop CPUs and APUs

Today AMD is launching a few new desktop CPU and APU products that will come with the company’s new range of stock air coolers, which we talked about earlier this month. Today’s launch includes two APU products and one CPU, all of which will be bundled with the new stock CPU coolers.


Up first we have the A10-7890K, which is a quad-core Kaveri APU with 512 graphics core next stream processors, 4MB of L2 cache and a 95W TDP. This cooler has a base clock of 4.1 GHz and boosts up to 4.3 GHz. It has has an unlocked multiplier for overclocking. It will ship with AMD’s new Wraith stock CPU cooler.

Next is the A10-7870K, which AMD actually launched last year, but they are upgrading it to ship with a new stock cooler. It will come with a cooler that is identical to the Wraith cooler, but lacks the internal shroud with the LED illumination. The A10-7870K is pretty much identical to the A10-7890K except it has lower clock speeds at 3.9 GHz base and 4.1 GHz boost.

Lastly there is the Athlon X4 880K. This is a Kaveri-based processor with the graphics portion disabled, so it is a CPU product. It has four Steamroller cores clocked at 4.0 GHz with a boost up to 4.2 GHz and an unlocked multiplier for overclocking. It will have 4MB of L3 cache and a rated TDP of 95W. It will ship with the same cooler as the A10-7870K, which again is pretty much identical to the Wraith cooler except it lacks the shround illumination.

AMD’s updated APU / CPU pricing is below:

– AMD FX 8370 Wraith – $199.99 USD
– AMD FX 8370 – $189.99 USD
– AMD A10-7860K – $117.99 USD
– AMD A8-7670K – $105.99 USD
– AMD A8-7650K – $95.99 USD
– AMD Athlon X4 870K – $89.99 USD
– AMD Athlon X4 860K – $79.99 USD
– AMD Athlon X4 845 – $69.99 USD
– AMD A10-7890K – $164.99 USD
– AMD A10-7870K – $139.99 USD
– AMD Athlon™ X4 880K – $94.99 USD

Source: WCCFTech | News Archive

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