Major Graphics Issues With Gear of War Ultimate Edition

Gear of War: Ultimate Edition was released on the Windows Store today. This remastered version of the game was supposed to be an example of the graphical potential of gaming on the PC and DirectX 12, but it seems it is a disaster so far, especially for AMD GPU owners.


It has been reported that the game hardly runs well at all, and has major amounts of graphical corruption even when running at modest resolutions at a low graphical setting. AMD graphics cards seem to be having the most problems with the game, even though they should take advantage with async shaders and more RAM, but they just don’t perform at all. The game seems to be a glitching and stuttering mess at 4K, 1440p, and 1080p resolutions.


It looks like Microsoft has already been made aware of these issues and has said, “We are working closely with AMD to address a few issues that users of some AMD Radeon Hardware are experiencing while playing Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for Windows 10 and expect that they will be addressed quickly in an upcoming update.”

This is a really bad launch for Microsoft to showcase their next generation graphics API. Gamers have been waiting quite a long time for Gear of War to make its way to PC and it seems like they are very disappointed at this launch so far. If you are using AMD hardware I would definitely hold off on getting Gears of War: Ultimate Edition until Microsoft fixes the issues.

Source: TweakTown | News Archive

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