Sunday, July 22, 2018

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Intel Introduces Kabylake-X, Skaylake-X, and X299

We've been hearing about Intel's Kabylake-X, Skylake-X, and X299 platform for quite a while now. I don't think a week has gone by in the past month where we've haven't talked about it. Now we have official confirmation on all of the details! Intel says the new platform is their "most scalable", meaning that it will have CPUs with a little as four cores and all the way up to 18 cores, yes 18 cores!

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Details Revealed On Intel’s Upcoming X-Series HEDT Platform

The high-end desktop (HEDT) that will succeed Intel's current "Broadwell-E" LGA2011v3 platform will be the X-Series "Basin Falls" platform. This platform will consist of both "Skylake-X" and "Kaby Lake-X" processors and the chipset will be based on the upcoming 200-series chipset which we will see in just over a month. Intel will be changing the socket, just like they did with their previous three HEDT platforms (LGA1366 for "Nehalem" and "Westmere/Gulftown," LGA2011 for "Sandy Bridge-E" and "Ivy Bridge-E," and LGA2011v3 for "Haswell-E" and "Broadwell-E"). The new socket will be the LGA2066 socket.

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Seasonic X Series 650W Modular Power Supply Review

The Seasonic X series is the Taiwanese OEM power supply establishment's first commercial retail series to achieve 80PLUS Gold certification. This means that the unit is 87% efficient at 20%, 50%, and 100% load. It supports multiple video cards, and uses a patented system which supplies at a lower amperage the same power using a voltage regulation module. ThinkComputers has the review of the 650W version, a medium-wattage, modular unit.

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