TeamGroup Launches Elite Plus and Elite Memory Series Featuring DDR5-6400 Memory JEDEC Standard

TeamGroup has recently launched the Elite Plus and Elite memory series, which boast DDR5-6400 memory JEDEC standard. These cutting-edge desktop memory modules are set to be available in the market soon, featuring a JEDEC memory standard with 6400MT/s at 1.1V CL52-52-52-103 configuration. Notably, these modules are the first of their kind from TeamGroup to adhere to this JEDEC standard.

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Just a reminder, TeamGroup was one of the pioneers in introducing DDR5-4800 MT/s JEDEC memory even before Intel launched its 12th Gen Core “Alder Lake” series. Now, after two years, Intel is about to unveil its final LGA1700 series, named “Raptor Lake Refresh” or 14th Gen Core series. This new Core series is anticipated to come with faster memory by default, boasting an increased bandwidth from the 13th Gen series’ 5600 MT/s to 6400 MT/s.

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Global memory brand TEAMGROUP announced the launch of its updated ELITE memory modules with enhanced frequencies today: the ELITE PLUS DDR5 and ELITE DDR5 Desktop Memory 6400MHz (1.1V CL52-52-52-103). Both comply with JEDEC memory standards and fulfill the needs of demanding applications and high-performance computing.

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Most gamers will likely seek even faster memory kits that utilize XMP 3.0 overclocking profiles, providing significantly higher speeds straight out of the box. On the other hand, the JEDEC compatible memory is expected to be the preferred choice for system integrators and those setting up workstations or business systems using the latest Intel series.

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As per TeamGroup, the new memory modules are set to be available for purchase next month in North America and Taiwan. However, there is no information regarding their availability in other regions at this time.

Via TeamGroup