Tech and Gambling: How online casinos have taken over

Casinos are a large part of the way many people spend their free time across the world especially in the physical world. With the advancements of technology, casinos have continued to evolve incorporating security cameras, slot machines and graduating into the mobile gaming experience.

Mobile casinos could not have come at a better time considering the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic which has forced people back into their homes. Since they do not have access to a lot of the fun activities they could do in the past, mobile casinos become a great option. Additionally, gambling online is now much easier and secure than it has ever been.

You can have all the fun you want with the least of glitches or interruptions from fraudsters, as well as take advantage of the many online casinos bonuses being offered. The online casino industry was valued at 53.7 billion in 2019, and expected to grow more over the next few years. This could make choosing an online casino that has the best bonuses difficult, which is why sites like CasinoReviews recommends and reviews casinos like these. With so many online casinos launching every day, and with technology advancing at such a fast rate, it can be difficult to keep track of what technology is being used, so here are a few that you should know about.


Video games have been a source of fun for a long time either as handheld devices such as the Gameboy and as consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. Online casinos have taken notes from video games by adding certain features to their experience. There are many bells and whistles, themes and points added to slot machines to add the aspect of the reward on completing levels. Levels also get more difficult as you go further in the game. Storylines also enhance the slot experience. These include Money Train 2 and Gonzo’s quest. There is no shortage of a storyline for the slot lover. Live poker allows players to interact with the dealer and other players in a virtual world in real time taking away the need to be physically present to enjoy a great game of poker.


AR stands for augmented reality and VR for virtual reality. These are both technology trends that add to the virtual experience of the casino. You can virtually be present in a casino, see the table, place your bets and interact with other players and dealers. VR and AR bring the casino virtually into your home. With the help of headsets, anybody can be immersed into the world of casinos without needing to be physically present in a brick-and-mortar casino. Some of the games popular for these technologies are poker and roulette.

Random number generators

Every player hopes for the best odds when gambling at an online casino. Part of the fun is the assumption that most of what is happening is random. Also known as RNGs, they are part of the reason you can rest assured of the fairness of an online casino. They are the replacement for live dealers in the virtual world who turn cards in Blackjack or spin balls on a roulette wheel. Their purpose is to ensure that games are not fixed or manipulated. RNGs ensure that all players and activities happening in the game are random and without interference from a third party.


Information is always travelling back and forth between the casino, players and sometimes, with unwarranted third parties. Many fraudsters would love to take advantage of the information which could be personal or financial. Due to the sensitivity of this information, online casinos use encryption to ensure data is only seen and used by those it is meant for. The most popular form of encryption is SSL, Secure Sockets Layer which prevents third parties from accessing financial details. An SSL certificate is indicated by a padlock symbol in the URL tab whether it is on a desktop or mobile app. With SSL, reputable online casinos employ 128-bit data encryption.


Casinos are staying ahead of the curve by joining in on the advancements that technology offers. Some of these advancements are opening up more opportunities for them to reach further and be accessible 24/7. Customers are limited in movement by the pandemic but can still access their favourite games through online casinos employing encryption, RNGs, offering gamified games and VR and AR. Taking advantage of technology is no longer optional for online casinos looking to take advantage of the current state due to the pandemic.