Tech Inventions and Innovations from Australia

Did you know that some of the most significant innovations globally have Aussie roots? Many people know Australia for its laid-back culture and pristine beaches. However, they don’t know that Australians are a creative bunch! This could explain why players can find the best online gambling sites Australia offers with a click of a button. Please keep reading this piece to find out about some tech innovations and inventions from Australia.


John O’Sullivan, a resolute Australian, and his colleagues at the CSIRO group discovered Wi-Fi. They had initially investigated the faint echoes of black holes before discovering a way of sending signals to a destination without interruption.

Before their discovery, the world was weighed down by wires. Their innovation now spans over five billion devices globally. Nowadays, hotspots in offices, homes, and public buildings have become a must-have.

Google Maps

Google Maps is probably one of the most used travel companions worldwide. Thanks to the app, paper maps are no longer a thing. Lars and Jens Rasmussen, two Sydney Danish brothers, and two Australians, Neil Gordon and Stephen Ma, are the brains behind this technology. The team worked under the name “Where 2 Technologies.” Google purchased the company in 2005, turning it into the popular Google Maps app.

Ultrasound Scanner

The ultrasound scanner is another remarkable Aussie invention. This invention allows expecting parents to view their unborn child through a screen. Moreover, medical experts use the technology to diagnose medical problems in the body’s soft tissue to help them treat medical conditions.

Doctors were becoming increasingly concerned about taking X-rays of pregnant women. In this regard, they tried different techniques. During their experimentation, the experts discovered minor differences in ultrasound echoes bouncing off soft tissue in the human body, converting them into TV pictures.

David Robinson and George Kossoff of the Ultrasonic Research Group of the Commonwealth Acoustic Laboratories developed the first ultrasound scanner. At first, ultrasound technology was developed for fetal health. However, it has developed into a critical part of the medical field and practice.

Cochlear Implants

The Cochlear Implant is also called the bionic ear. It is a device that uses electrodes to simulate auditory nerves helping deaf people to hear. Millions of deaf people globally have benefited from the technology invented in Australia in the 1970s.

Professor Graeme Clark is the man behind this technology. Before settling on the cochlear implant, he tried several prototypes for around 11 years. In 1978, he got a breakthrough. Rod Saunders was the first beneficiary of this technology.

Electric Drill

You have the Aussies to thank for this essential tool for your DIY projects. Two electrical engineers, William Blanch Brain and James Arnot, designed the first electric drill in 1889. The drill’s initial design weighed 75kg, but six years later, the design was improved by German brothers Carl and Wilhelm Fein, who created a portable and handheld version of the drill. The electric drill remains one of the best tools globally. This invention has revolutionized industries allowing people to do more extensive work.

Final Thoughts

Australia is home to some of the most notable inventors that have developed life-changing inventions. The ones discussed in this post are just a few. Do you know of any other inventions by the Aussies?