Technological Advancements that Changed the Gaming Industry for Good

Gaming has definitely evolved ever since it started and became digital. Thanks to technological advancements, digital gaming is better than ever. This could be mainly why more people are getting on the gaming wagon. There are just many interesting and over-the-top games out there that one can play.

The gaming industry is now worth over a hundred billion dollars and it is expected to grow as more people get into gaming. Mobile technology has also helped a lot when it comes to bringing more players in. In fact, the mobile gaming sector alone is now worth over 70 billion US dollars.

Definitely, as technology improves, this industry also evolves. This also means that the demand for a better gaming experience will keep coming. Here are some of the important technological advancements that changed the gaming industry and will probably continue to change the gaming scene.

  • Graphics

Basic 8-bit graphics were the thing back in the day. Think of how many old-school arcade games look like and that was the amazing graphics that gamers enjoy back then. In fact, even before arcade games, there were pixel games that weren’t colored and this was the best graphics that one could experience back then.

Definitely, we’ve come a long way from that. Games nowadays would sometimes sell just because of its realistic or out-of-the-world graphics. A great way to see how gaming graphics have evolved is checking out Tomb Raider games since the first one was released in 1996.

  • Mobile Gaming

Smartphones are becoming more powerful and even affordable. Mobile gaming makes almost half of the gaming industry and this makes sense as there are now over 4 billion smartphone users worldwide. This means that the market out there is just really big and it is understandable why many software developers would rather focus on mobile gaming.

There are just so many games that one can enjoy on their mobile device. Even real money or casino games can now be played mobile. Online sites like DuckDice Casino can now be played on mobile devices where players could enjoy games like video slots and dice games.

  • Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

This is something that has been around for a long time now but only really got the attention of a lot of gamers in 2016 when Oculus released its VR headset called the Oculus Rift. Since then, the demand for games that make use of these technologies has been increasing.

There are now games out there that you can play as with a VR headset like Astro Bot, Tetris Effect, and Skyrim VR. Meanwhile, games like Pokemon Go, Ingress, and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite make use of AR technology.

Many believe that this will really be the future of gaming. With how technology is nowadays, it’s not impossible to play a game that will really make you feel like you’re a part of the whole thing. It’s simply great to be able to explore a virtual world.

  • Wearable Gaming

Sure, mobile gaming is currently on the rise but it’s possible that in the future, it’s no longer just the smartphones that would rule the gaming industry. There are now game developers that are looking into developing games for smartwatches and even glasses.

This can be something that the public will embrace as wearable gaming promotes convenience. This is basically being able to play games anywhere you want. However, know that this also extends to other wearable devices that can be linked to gaming consoles.

  • Multiplayer Games

Back in the day, you can only play multiplayer games with devices that allow 2-players to use controllers that are still attached to the console. This means that the other player has to be there with you and you have to share the same screen.

Today, you can play with other players without having to invite them over. All you need is the internet and a headset to communicate with them. What’s even better is that you can play with people all over the world. This has changed gaming and made it social. It’s simply more fun to play with other people today as it is as if they’re just beside you.

  • Facial Recognition

This technology helps a person’s gaming experience to become more realistic. 3D scanning and facial recognition allow gaming systems to creating a character that looks just like you. Your facial expressions and movements can be mimicked in the digital world.

Game developers already use this to create games. Some would even get celebrities to become the main characters of their games. This requires celebrities to act with devices attached to their face and body so that this can be realized in the game. Beyond Two Souls is an example of this. Ellen Page is the main character in this game.

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