Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Review

Software & Lighting
When it plug in the Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum to your PC it will work without having to install and drivers or software. Now if you want to remap any keys, set macros, or see a visual representation of lighting you’ll need to download the Tesoro software, which is available on the Gram SE Spectrum product page.

When you open the software up you will be in the Assignment Tab. From this tab you can change your key assignments. Now in order to do this you’ll need to switch from PC mode to one of the 5 profiles on the keyboard in the Select Profile drop-down. To remap a key simply just click on it and a window will come up that allows you to select Default, Disable, Macro, Launch Program, Mouse Function, Keyboard Function, Media Control, and Windows.

When it comes to creating Macros it is very easy, first click on the Macros tab. From there you can click the “+” button to add a new Macro. Once you are ready you just press the Record button and record your Macro. You have the ability to insert events as well as setup delays.

In the Lighting tab you can select the main color for the lights as well as set different lighting effects. When you move over to the Spectrum tab here you can individually select each key and set it to a different color of your choice.

The lighting on this keyboard is pretty good, although not the best we’ve seen on a white keyboard. I wish Tesoro used a reflective top plate, like the one we saw on the Drevo Calibur. So during the day the backlighting is pretty good, but when there is less light and at night is where it really shines. Here are some shots of the keyboard illuminated at night in a few different colors

Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum Gaming Keyboard Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum Gaming Keyboard

You have a total of 8 different lighting effects that you can choose from. These can be selected in the software or by pressing FN + the left or right arrow keys. The lighting effects include Standard (1 color), Trigger, Ripple, Firework, Radiation, Breathing, Wave, and Spectrum.

Tesoro Gram SE Spectrum Gaming Keyboard

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