Text Messaging: Where Would We Be Without It

Do you remember a time when the only option you had to get your message across more than two people was three-way calling on a landline? Do you remember a time when you had to have a special type of office phone just to have a conference call? Do you remember a time when mobile phones were only used to make voice calls?

Text Messaging

Mobile phones are now equipped with touchscreens and a plethora of other features. Today, text messaging (also known as short message service, SMS) has revolutionized the way we communicate, there is even text message marketing. We are no longer tethered to our landlines at home and no longer burdened with making multiple calls to relay our message across many people. Text messaging today is used not only socially, but for emergencies and business purposes as well. By using a mass texting app, you can send important multiple text messages to many people all at once, and you can even advertise using text messaging as well. There are many uses for text messaging, the point being, that you can send your message to anyone, anywhere, no matter how many people you need your message to reach at any time. It’s hard to imagine a time without text messaging. It is convenient and an indispensable tool when sending on-demand messages.


Many businesses today use text messaging for any number of business purposes. For instance, companies like TextMarks offer a broad range of services from generating leads, advertising to promote business growth, and also offers a way to send thousands of text messages all at once. As a business owner, you’re thinking to yourself, “thousands of text messages? That sounds interesting!” Sending important messages like product updates and availability through text messaging can show your consumers that you are tech-savvy and caught up with the times. “What about meetings? Can my employees also reply to the text messages?” Text messaging can be used for all sorts of reasons, both for the employer to communicate to their employees and their employees to communicate back to their employer. Text messaging is a robust tool used in many business applications.


We’ve received those emergency notification text messages like Amber Alerts, Silver Alerts, and sometimes inclement weather alerts. These are one of the main reasons why text messaging has grown in popularity. These important messages alert thousands of people and can be immediately sent to anyone, anywhere, at any time. These messages are vital to any community across the country as it provides essential information. When these emergency text messages come through our mobile phones, they are distinct and immediately catch our attention, even if our mobile phone is set to silent. Rightfully so, if it’s an emergency, we would want to know right away.

Combing Text Messaging With Other Phone Features

As mentioned above, mobile phones are equipped with various features. Some of these features include a GPS sensor. There are apps today that can combine both the text messaging and GPS features on our mobile phones. For instance, your child is at school and you want to know their whereabouts at all times, even while at work. You can set various alerts to send you a text message depending on your chosen preferences to alert you on any changes. Since a text message is normally what you will see first when you look at your phone, you will see the alert right away.


Text messaging today has become the new way of communicating. Many times, people prefer sending a text message over calling. Sometimes, we’re at work and can’t be on the phone but need to tell a family member you need them to drop by the grocery store for you. Generally, people will send a quick text message indicating so. Social media today will also send text messages to our phones to alert us of any notifications. For example, if someone has tried to log into your social media account but did not get the password correct, the social media app will send a quick text message alerting you so.

When we take a look back to the days before text messaging, it is hard to even comprehend how we lived without it. Nowadays, text messaging is the first way of contacting someone, anyone, in fact. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when communicating.

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