The 8 Best Games You Can Buy at UnitedGiftCards

With pretty much everyone stuck at home during these difficult times, it’s become clear that there’s only so much you can do to entertain yourself while practising social distancing.

Some have established full-on home gyms, others became committed to learning how to make home-made bread, and others still have realized what a good escape from reality gaming is.

If you (or one of your loved ones) belongs to this last “quarantine category”, then you’re in luck, since you have access to a wide variety of games at UnitedGiftCards.

The company specialized in providing gift and game cards, so let’s check out some of the best games available from them.

1. League of Legends

League of Legends has been one of the world’s most popular games ever since it came out. In 2019, the game reached an unprecedented milestone with over 8 million concurrent daily users.

With amazing graphics, exciting seasonal championships, exquisite gameplay, and endless customization options, LoL has truly taken the world by storm. And if you’d like to get your hands on this game, you can easily do so online.

2. Halo 5: Guardians

The Halo series has never disappointed, and the 2015 Halo 5: Guardians is one of the most intriguing additions to it. It’s one of the most beloved first-person shooters, with addictive gameplay, plenty of new updates, and the classic Halo style we’ve all grown to love.

If you know a Halo enthusiast, surprise them with a Halo 5: Guardians gift card and watch as their excitement grows.

3. World of Warcraft

Although the original game was released all the way back in 2004, after over 16 years of fame, it still hasn’t lost its momentum and has retained a loyal following through frequent updates and ever more exciting expansions.

As your WoW player excitedly awaits for the 2020 release of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands, bring a smile to their face with a World of Warcraft gift card.

4. Mass Effect

Whichever gaming console you might have, Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, or even just your regular old Microsoft Windows, you can enjoy playing Mass Effect without a glitch.

This military sci-fi third-person shooter will leave you breathless, even if you’re not a gamer. After just a few minutes of playing, you’ll be hooked, and you can’t avoid it. So, get yourself a Mass Effect card from UnitedGiftCards, and have some safe fun while you’re social distancing.

5. DOOM Eternal

If you don’t like violence in video games, skip ahead, this game isn’t for you. But if you’re a thrill-seeker with a thirst for adventure, then DOOM Eternal is just the game for you.

The action-packed slayer Battlemode, the frightening demons that are stronger than before, and the intense gameplay will keep you on the edge of your gaming chair – DOOM Eternal is unlike any game you’ve ever played before, and you’ll love it, no questions about it.

6. The Elder Scrolls Online

With over 15 million subscribers, The Elder Scrolls Online is one of today’s most popular MMORPGs. Although the game got some mixed reviews when it was first released in 2014, it’s gone a long way since then and improved massively.

The non-linear gameplay and the endless side quests are just some of its most beloved features, and regardless of your gaming style, you’ll enjoy playing The Elder Scrolls Online with UnitedGiftCards.

7. Fortnite

Fortnite has boomed in popularity since the release of its Battle Royale mode. What started out as a relatively simple narrative-driven multiplayer shooter has evolved into a global phenomenon, with everyone from your youngest nephew to your oldest grandma excited to join in on the adventure.

You’ll have to start playing to understand everything that this game has to offer, so join up and start enjoying your quarantine life.

8. Mario Kart 8

If you’re more interested in video game classics and don’t enjoy shooters as much, you should check out Mario Kart 8. Surely Mario Kart doesn’t need an introduction – after all, the game was a part of almost everyone’s childhood.

Choose from dozens of characters, unlock new karts and tires, and spend some good quality time with your household members.

All the Greatest Games Available from One Place

These are just some of the most popular games you can get your hands on through UnitedGiftCards. Whether you enjoy racing games, shooters, RPGs, single-player, multiplayer, or anything in between, you’re sure to find a game to your liking through this site.

So, improve your social distancing experience and surprise your loved ones with the best games that will provide hours upon hours of entertainment.