The Best AiO CPU Coolers of 2015

Of all the myriad ways to cool a PC perhaps none is more elegant than the all in one liquid cooler. The AiO traces it’s lineage back to the elite world of PC water cooling where money and time are thrown haphazardly at a project in an attempt to perfect this science and art. Each of these self contained units are an elegant, fully sealed solution using the thermal properties of water to draw heat away from the processor. But of course like all things, not all AiOs are created equal and the past year of 2015 has been no exception. And so as this year draws to a close and we begin to plan excitedly for 2016, join us as we pick out the very Best AiO Coolers of 2015 reviewed here at

SilverStone TD03-E (Review) (Amazon)

Bringing up rear but by no means a slouch is Silverstone’s exceptional TD03-E. While this cooler wasn’t one of the our best performers as far as cooling potential is concerned, it is easily the most aesthetically pleasing. The TD03-E could be thought of as a pageant queen, stunning to see, but perhaps not so strong in academics. This 120mm cooler features carbon fiber inlays on the sides of the radiator and nice thick rubber tubing. The base and pump are constructed with a full metal shell and finished with an acrylic top with a nice LED backlit symbol underneath. In addition you will find an incredibly nice paint job complemented by a perfect fit and finish. While it’s certainly true that you can find a better performing cooler, for $80 you will be hard pressed to find an AiO that more perfectly balances performance and design.

Corsair H100i GTX (Review) (Amazon)

Hanging out comfortably in the middle is a redesign for 2015, the H100i GTX. Situated towards the top of Corsair’s lineup we were pleasantly surprised by the performance of this 240mm radiator equipped cooler. If the Silverstone TD03-E is the pageant queen, the H100i GTX is certainly the salutatorian of the class. With new ultra thick sleeved tubing and a brilliantly low profile pump housing the H100i GTX is an old dog doing some really neat new tricks. Utilizing the ever popular Corsair Link Software for monitoring and tweaking, this AiO was able to come in third on our all-time performance list. A pretty impressive feat considering the competition. While Corsair has been a house name in AiO coolers, in years past their performance has been very middle of the road. It’s really nice to see them making some serious strides in the performance category. The H100i GTX is a great mid to upper level cooler and priced at $110 USD it’s a great deal for any 240mm AiO.

Corsair H110i GT (Review) (Amazon)

At long last we come to our 2015 ThinkComputers AiO champion! It’s been an interesting year for this category and we are excited to announce the winner of this category for 2015 as well as the overall performance winner, the Corsair H110i GT! Edging out long time leader for strongest performing AiO, the 360mm ThermalTake Water 3.0 Ultimate, this 280mm cooler is everything you could want in an AiO and nothing else. From the exceptional performance, no doubt thanks to it’s magnificent surface area, to the pro level fit and finish this is a superb cooler. Revamping most of their line, the grey accent pieces, ultra thick sleeved tubing, and awesome pump designs have really breathed new life into the Corsair AiO brand. Of course you get the same great Corsair Link Software accessible through the USB connector found in other coolers. With this application you can tweak and monitor the H110i GT’s performance and settings to your heart’s delight. One of my favourite features of this cooler isn’t really even a feature at all, but rather it’s radiators size. While it is distinctly bigger than a 240mm cooler in both installation size and surface area, you will find that a 280mm cooler can be installed in many PC cases where a 360mm radiator would not fit. Essentially you get more performance at almost no cost in space. At $130 USD there really is no competition.