The Best Case Mods of 2020

2020 has been an interesting year that is for sure! With many of this years trade shows being cancelled we weren’t sure if we were going to get as many amazing case mods, but we were pleasantly surprised at just how many awesome mods we were able to feature this year! Case modding keeps on getting bigger and bigger and it seems each year when we look back we are always impressed. Each week we feature a mod or build that has been completed in the community in our Case Mod Friday section. Going through all of the builds from the past year we have picked out a few that really caught our eye! Without further ado here are our picks for the best case mods of 2020! In no particular order of course!

KillR_MODZ’s IndominAORUS Bench

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We’ve seen test bench mods for years, but the IndominAORUS Bench from KillR_MODZ might be the best one we’ve ever seen! The fact that he was able to incorporate reservoirs and reservoirs and distro-plates into the structure of the bench is just so impressive. The dual-loop system and just awesome and I think that anyone would love a test bench like this! Be sure to check out our full feature of the IndominAORUS Bench!

Tekred Mods’ Project Omega

Sometimes a build / mod just catches you eye and Project Omega from Tekred Mods was just that. Done inside the Thermaltake Level 20 XT there are just certain sections of this build that just “pop” and catch your attention. I especially like the frosted tubing, custom 3d-printed logos, and the small attention to details like the orange screws. Be sure to check out our full feature on Project Omega.

Explore Modding’s Project ONDA

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Now this build is really a piece of art! Explore Modding did something really special with their Project ONDA build. This build was based off the Hydra Mini, but the end result looks nothing like you would expect. “Onda” is the Italian word for “wave” and as you can see the “wave” made of wood goes around the system. Beyond this cool feature the ball reservoir really sets this build off! Be sure to check out our all feature on Project ONDA.

Designs By IFR’s $13,000 ULTIMATE Custom Water Cooled Desk

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Each year there is always some over-the-top builds and the $13,000 ULTIMATE Custom Water Cooled Desk from Designs By IFR really takes the cake this year. As the same suggests this is a $13,000 custom water-cooled desk with some awesome watercooling, a ton of fans, and some pretty epic components. Each time I see one of these desk builds I always think of how awesome it would be just just look down and see all of these awesome components. Be sure to check out our full feature on the $13,000 ULTIMATE Custom Water Cooled Desk.

Timpelay’s CANVAS

Timpelay’s CANVAS build not only is impressive, but actually brought back a little nostalgia. On the main side you have an awesome watercooled PC, but on that other you have this really awesome design that he has made with acrylic tubs, it sort of reminds me of a Lite Brite. I also really love that he’s taken the Core P5 rotated it, and made a custom stand for it. Be sure to check out our full feature on the CANVAS build.

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