The Best Case Mods of 2023!

What a year 2023 was for case modding and custom PC builds! Not only are these builders extremely talented, but they give us inspiration for our next build. Each week we feature a mod or build that has been completed in the community in our Case Mod Friday section. Going through all of the builds from the past year we have picked out a few that really caught our eye! Without further ado here are our picks for the best case mods of 2023! In no particular order of course!

GGF’s ProArt Build

DSC01646 scaled

We’ve featured a handful of different builds from GGF this year, but the ProArt build definitely stood out the most to me. Not only does it have an awesome black and gold theme, but it also has incredibly clean watercooling thanks to Modding Cafe’s stealth tubing water block. I also really like how there are circular cut-outs for displaying system stats. Be sure to check out our full feature on GGF’s ProArt build!

Modding Cafe’s Cube

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Talking about Modding Cafe, they had quite a lot of awesome builds this year as well. Their Cube build had to be my favorite! You can see why its called Cube, but the attention to detail here even down to the stand that holds the case up is extremely impressive. I would love to have this build sitting on my desk! Be sure to check out our full feature on Modding Cafe’s Cube build!

AK Mod’s Purifier Build

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If there was a themed build this year that was my favorite it would have have to AK Mod’s Purifier build! The whole idea of this build is to be a purification machine in a space station. The goal is to create a realistic machine that gives the impression of actually existing in this world when viewed. This really looks like something that belongs on a Sci-Fi movie set! Be sure to check out our full feature on AK Mod’s Purifier build!

Snef’s PC-O11 Vision Build

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Snef has created a masterpiece inside the new Lian Li PC-O11 Vision case. This case is of course designed to show off your build, and Snef has done just that! I love the clean lines of this build, the color, and how Snef makes use of a sort of long distro plate to connect the graphics card to the CPU in the watercooling loop! Be sure to check out our full feature on Snef’s PC-O11 Vision build!

Mods by Ben’s Custom Build

mods by ben custom main

Mods By Ben always impresses us with his creativity, and his Custom build is no exception to that. This build is sort of themed after a test bench, but is completely custom made and has some of the coolest and creative lines when it comes to the watercooling tubing. You gotta love the chrome on this one as well! Be sure to check out our full feature on Mods by Ben’s Custom build!

Want to see more case mods? Remember we have a full Case Mod Friday section!

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